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This website is just a hobby, but you can find my main portfolio here: www.oliviamontoya.com

I used to make little websites like this all the time between 2005-2008 or so when I was a teen, but that was a long time ago. So I made this one for the purposes of nostalgia.

Hello there! I'm Olivia Montoya (she/they pronouns), a 31-year-old former Stanford computer science major, solo hobby dev/designer, zinester, larper and larp designer, hobbyist ttrpg designer, asexual activist and community historian, event organizer, community builder, speaker, and a graphic designer at my day job. This is giving me more time to work on old projects I had to put on the back burner, so hopefully I'll finally be able to finish one of my games! (I've started a lot...)

List of important identities: queer, bi/pan, asexual, nonbinary, genderqueer, femme, mixed Latinx, autistic, chronically ill, atheist, feminist, secular humanist, skeptic (in the sense that my philosophy is to only believe significant claims with evidence, not in the “vaccine skeptic” or right-wing a-hole sense), zinester, INTP (for what it's worth). I love to write, program, and create art, especially when I can combine all of these into one project! I love SF/Fantasy, superheroes, larping, comics, snail mail, books, cats, and being a massive nerd.

In the short amount of time I've been on Neocities so far, I've noticed that the people who are active on here tend to fall into five categories.

  1. People who are nostalgic for a time period they experienced on the old internet
  2. Young people who are fascinated with a time period they weren't around to experience on the old internet
  3. People who want to learn html and css for reasons other than nostalgia
  4. People into DIY or indie stuff who aren't a fan of the modern corporate internet
  5. People who want to have an about me page to use elsewhere online

I'm sure there's more people than that using Neocities, but these categories describe most of the people on here who have an active personal website. I, of course, am part of the first category.

On 9-17-20 I got the shock of my life! I was looking around Neocities and stumbled onto a website that links to the Wayback Machine version of my old Geocities site from when I was 13. I googled the name of my old site, and it seems that the site I randomly stumbled on is the only site on the internet (or at least what Google indexes) that mentions it by name. And I stumbled on it randomly. What on Earth are the odds of that???? Here's the page the link is on.

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