Hey, first of all, I wrote a zine specifically about my 2005-2007 internet nostalgia that goes into more detail than this section, and you can buy it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/581796534/nostalgia-whiplash-1-the-internet-of

I was born in 1992, so my childhood was the 90s and early 2000s. My family got our first computer when I was 5 years old, and I immediately took to it, playing games, scribbling in MS paint, messing around in MS Word, etc. Then we got internet access in 1999, which I begged for after seeing commercials on Cartoon Network for their website, which had lots of flash games on it. I mean, my parents probably had other reasons for getting dial-up, but I remember that Cartoon Network ad. For the first several years of us having access to the internet I only ever used it to play games and do homework. Then, when I was homeschooled for 3 years between 2004-2007, I found out that our ISP allowed each email account to have a simple personal website. I'd already spent some time on a site that allowed you to play with hexadecimal color codes, so I was primed to be curious about website creation. I instantly became obsessed, making a huge personal website. I also started making my first animated gifs around this time. The early ones were terrible, and the first software I used to create them (some sort of weird freeware) was terrible too, but then I got Serif Photo Plus after finding a CD-ROM for it at a local thrift store. It was much better!

I was a super fundamentalist Catholic during my homeschool years, so my first website was called Olivia's Catholic Pro-life Site. Luckily there's no traces of it anywhere online. It was very cringy. But making a personal website made me curious about other people's personal websites, so I discovered Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, Freewebs, Matmice and the like. I was so excited for my 13th birthday, because that was when I would be legally able to make a Geocities account! There I made my second website, originally titled Olivia's All-in-one Kids Site. I was a teen, but due to the fundamentalism I was still in a more childlike mindset. This site, unlike my first, has been archived online. Well, mostly. It's pretty cringy, but not as much as my first site. You can view what was archived on the Wayback Machine: Click Here

I also had another website around this time, which was the next evolution of Olivia's Catholic Pro-life Site. It had two different domain names throughout its existence, but luckily neither were backed up by the Wayback Machine. They are seriously embarrassing to me and make me feel bad. As you may have picked up elsewhere, I'm an atheist now and I'm staunchly pro-choice. The final incarnation of the website was called Erase Abortion, and most of it was content from my first website with a nicer layout.

Briefly while I was in high school, up until Geocities was shut down, I tried to rebrand Olivia's All-in-one Kids Site as All-in-one Web, with sections for the old content, graphics, teen-oriented content, and other projects. It also hosted the first two chapters of an attempted novel of mine, which later inspired a current dating sim project of mine, which is called Camp Ravenrock. The web novel was titled The Secret of Ravenrock Academy. None of this stuff was anywhere near being completed when Geocities shut down.

Throughout high school and freshman year of college, I also made several websites for school assignments. Here's some basic info about them. I think Webs deleted them at some point, or at least deactivates them after inactivity. I may be able to reactivate them, but I probably won't bother. There's also another site I made for a class in high school called Information Technology Research and Development, which was basically just making a fake company and coming up with a prototype for an edutainment app. I made the "company" website. I don't think it's still online, and even if it is, I forgot the address of it.

The Schenk Project was a website I made for a history class on the historic US court case Schenk v. United States. Overall, very boring, but it impressed my teacher.

The Miyazaki Project was a website I made for a film studies class about the films directed by Hayao Miyazaki. I was very happy with the layout. It looked better in the original browser I was using.

A Field Guide to the Multiverse was a website I made for a physics class about various multiverse cosmologies explained through fiction (yes, really, and I got an A). The two girls weren't a couple, but my latent queerness was definitely showing here. My teacher really liked this site. Sadly Tinypic crapped out before I could get a better screenshot, and now it's completely gone.

This website is the most interesting of the bunch. I had to create a fake religion for an English class assignment, so invented Infinitism and made a website for it. I really outdid myself with this one. I still remember the dumbfounded stares of my classmates as I presented this. It was pretty extensive. Also, online strangers found it and tried to contact me, some of whom semi-stalked me for years or accused me of copying their religion (that they actually believed in!) I wrote an entire zine about the saga, which is available for purchase here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/523927715/infinitism-the-zine

Visual Synesthesia is the sole website I made for a college-level project, as a freshman. It was for a class called The Aesthetics of Data, and it was a program that visualized synesthetic text and graphed patterns in grapheme-color synesthesia sets.