Queergrrrl79's E-Zine

Last updated September 1st, 1999

So, I guess I'm finally trying out this whole e-zine thing. It's not the same as cutting up a bunch of magazines and typing shit on an old typewriter and pasting it all together and making a million copies at Kinko's, but it's cheaper. So here it is, the thoughts of a queer grrrl trying to figure out the world wide web.

My name is obviously not Queergrrrl79 in real life. It's actually Amanda. Last name confidential on the web so no one murders me in my sleep. I'm 20 and studying sociology somewhere in NYC. I discovered riot grrrl a few years ago when I found a zine on a park bench. I still make dead tree zines, and this e-zine is more of an experiment. Maybe reach out and give me a reason to keep doing this?

Not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you!

Table of Contents:

Riot Grrrl Bands
Zine Reviews
Sailor Moon
Cyberqueer Manifesto

Random Crap

One cool thing about e-zines is that you can steal all these animated graphics from other web pages and put them on your own.

More Stuff

Here's a black box for the graphics with black backgrounds so they don't make my page any uglier than it already is.

NOTE: If you randomly found this site, this is a site I made for a LARP character, and isn't real.