I wrote a manifesto for this zine. Yeah, I'm that pretentious.

CYBERQUEER isn't just a zine, it's a way of thinking. CYBERQUEER is about seeing queer futures outside of gay assimilation. It's about finding family through connecting with isolated queers around the world over the world wide web. It's about defying stereotypes about grrrls and queers by DIY education and learning new skills like programming and digital art and making e-zines. It's about embracing the weird randomness that brings us together in cyberspace.

CYBERQUEER asks us who are we when we can't see each other and make those immediate judgements. Who are we and how do we define ourselves and our relationships when we may never interact in person? When we can share our deepest secrets that we wouldn't tell people we know in person with strangers who stumble upon our digital diaries? We could be horrible to each other. CYBERQUEER is rejecting that. It's about being vulnerable with each other and taking a chance on new connections. Unless you're a bigot, in which case you can go fuck yourself.

CYBERQUEER is fierce and outspoken, uncensored. It's about saying FUCK so the whole world can hear it, and challenging the status quo of people who are stuck in the past. It's about making our own spaces where we can be the selves we are under our skin, and what we can be when we reach out across the distance. Look at the online queer community and you can see what we've already created. Just think about how much we can accomplish if this catches on more!

CYBERQUEER is what happens when baby queers find words for their experiences online, when closeted queers find community that can help them find ways to feel safe. Because goddammit, we're people behind all these 0s and 1s, sitting in front of our desktops, and we can take the online offline if we want to. But we get to make that decision ourselves, because CYBERQUEER is about being able to blaze our own trails, make our own choices.

CYBERQUEER is a fuck you and a fuck me and a fuck yes and a fuck shit up all at the same time. CYBERQUEER is a future I want to make real.

NOTE: If you randomly found this site, this is a site I made for a LARP character, and isn't real.