You know what's bullshit? When I told some dudes that I'd thought were decent that I was teaching myself how to make a web page, they laughed and said I'd give up as soon as it got hard. Like, what the fuck, assholes?! I confronted them and asked them why they would say that, and was it because I was a girl? One of the guys shut up and pissed off, but the other guy doubled down and called me a humorless lesbian. I told them, "So what if I am a lesbian? Is that supposed to be an insult?" He just rolled his eyes and walked off, making some sort of sexist sandwich joke to his buddy and they walked off laughing. Now I'm going to make this e-zine even better out of pure spite. Grrrls can be good with technology! Women were the first programmers, and they sent us to the moon! But somehow sexist dudes can't get that through their thick caveman skulls!

Classic Grrrl Rants

NOTE: If you randomly found this site, this is a site I made for a LARP character, and isn't real.