Zine Reviews

Here's where I'll review the latest zines I've read.

Chick Magnet #6 by Rachel Riot

I got this zine in a trade with Rachel Riot, another queer grrrl in Salt Lake City. Lots of insight into what it's like to be queer in Utah. She talks about figuring out how to afford community college after her parents disowned her. Discusses depression, found family, and has some awesome photos of protest posters. 40 pages, mini size, cut and paste style goodness.

Teenage Mutant #11 by Georgie

I ordered this zine from Jackie the Ripper Distro, a rad grrrl zine distro out of Michigan. Georgie is bi-sexual and lives in Boston. She talks a lot about how her ex-girlfriend is smearing her reputation after she starts dating a dude, and other shitty examples of girl hate. There's lots of lists in this zine, and a section full of rants that inspired me to make my own rants page in my e-zine. 28 pages, digest size, messy but good.

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